Reservations are highly recommended for Fly Yoga ONLY.


10am to 11am  Hatha Yoga with Mari

11:15 am Zumba (New Class) starting March 2015

7:15pm to 8pm Zumba with Erika Ochoa

8:05pm to 9pm Inter/Adv Belly Dance with Erika Ochoa


8:30 am Vinyasa Yoga with Mari

10 am to 10:45 Zumba with Erika Ochoa

6:30 pm Belly dance with Sabah

8:00 pm Tribal Fusion with Piper


10 am to 10:45 Zumba with Erika Ochoa

6pm Intro to Belly Dance with Erika Ochoa

7:15pm Zumba with Erika Ochoa

8:15pm Fly Yoga with Sabah


8:30am Yin Yoga with Mari

10 am to 10:45 Zumba with Erika Ochoa

11 am Fly Yoga with Mari Morales

Capoeira  7:30pm to 9:00pm Begins April 16th (New class)

Special workshops on the 4th Thursday of every month

Afro Peruvian with Ruben Pachas April 23rd 6pm to 7:25pm $25


9:30 Pilates with Nancy Trock

7pm Pilates with Nancy Trock


9am to 9:45am Zumba with Erika Ochoa

10am Intro to Middle Eastern Belly dance with Erika Ochoa

11:15 am Fly Yoga with Sabah


9am World Beats Yoga with Mari Morales  (NEW CLASS)

10 am to 10:45 Zumba with Erika Ochoa

11am Hip Hop with Christopher Courtney

12:15pm Fly Yoga with Piper

5pm American Tribal Style with Paula  (NEW CLASS)

6pm Latin Dance with Michael and Elena

Private parties, Zumba, Belly dance or Fly Yoga, Bring your own group of friends!

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Middle Eastern Belly Dance


Hip Hop

Fly Yoga


Tribal Fusion

Fly Yoga



ATS or American Tribal Style Bellydance

Special workshops and Shows